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Praise Night

"At break of day, in hope we rise. We speak your name and we lift our eyes." The first lines from the opening song "Wake" highlighted the true purpose of Jesus Youth's Night of Worship, a celebration of the Year of Youth and of Christ's many blessings. Through the songs, dances and testimonies, the night was a representation of the true power of the Church through its diversely gifted youth. With the special permission and blessings from the St. Joseph Syro Malabar Catholic Church, Jesus Youth was able to display the true power of the youth and how much potential could be unlocked for God's glory and honor!


Together 2017

12 JY families from across the country came together in Black, Missouri at the Koinania Ranch for Together 2017. This gathering was prompted by the suggestion of Bishop Angadiath for the movement to discover and serve the needs of young families. The participants reflected on the call & gift of a family as well as the unique possibility of each family to serve God's kingdom. The couples celebrated their marriages during Date Night and continued the celebration as an extended JY family with music, dancing and DJ Sony. Rejuvenated and encouraged, these families hope and look forward to the beautiful inspirations that will come forth as they grow together as young families at the service of the movement and the Church.


Cor Missio

Cor Missio was an opportunity for committed youth to reflect on and begin to grasp the spirituality & mission of Jesus Youth. Around 70 JY gathered in Rockford, IL from June 14th to the 18th. The desire behind Cor Missio was to not only have youth understand the movement but to cultivate hearts of mission through reflection on the movement and the current context of America. The Lord worked in many ways to inspire and direct our hearts, individually and as a community, through the charism workship, talks, and fellowship times. With the presence of CC Joseph, elders, priests, and Emmaus groups (small peer groups), this gathering was a beautiful time to come together for discovery and deeper inspiration about our own individual calling.


Haiti Healing Mission (June)

The JY healing mission in June included a total of 18 people. The healing mission was particularly blessed with the presence of Sister Elsa from Coral Springs, FL and Fr. Simon Wiseman from Boynton Beach, Fl. The participants were able to see and provide care for 600 people in Corail and Wharf Jeremie. This mission continues ongoing efforts of giving health education as well as evangelizing.


Commitment/Recommitment Day

Jesus Youth around the world gathered together on Pentecost to formally commit or recommit themselves to movement and its mission. Commitment is a beautiful way for members of Jesus Youth to unite themselves to living out the lifestyle of the movement and, through that, serve, grow, and build the kingdom of God.


Summer Mission Exposure Program

The Summer Mission Exposure program was an opportunity for youth to step out of the realities of their lives and witness the lives of missionaries and the people they serve. A group of ten participants came together in Tampa, FL to begin this month-long journey. The first destination was Haiti, where the group had the chance to work with amazing missionaries such as the Missionaries of the Poor, the brothers and sisters at Missio Belem, and Fr. Isaia. After 12 days in Haiti, the group returned to the US and road tripped through Tampa, New Orleans, Houston and Chicago. Each place presented even more people living their lives in service to others. It was also an opportunity to spend time with JY across the country, sharing experiences and testimonies from the trip. Each participant returned home with fuller hearts and desires to love God and their faith more ardently.


Brother Kevin's and Brother Rajeev's Deaconate Ordination

On April 22nd and 23rd, Brother Kevin and Brother Rajeev became deacons of the Syro Malabar church. The example of these two Jesus Youth, striving to live in service to the Lord and His Church, inspires each of us to dedicate our lives more readily. Our prayers go with them as they continue their discernment and grow in their efforts to be good and holy priests.